Company Profile

LP Architects was established over 30 years ago. The practice is experienced in the designing of shopping centres, office blocks, industrial buildings, hospitals and boutique hotels. In recent years the practice has specifically focused on shopping centres through specialising in the redevelopment of existing shopping centres and the development of new shopping centres.

LP Architects realise that the extensive experience we have in the designing of new shopping centres is key to understanding the problems with existing centres. We are renowned for being in a position to redevelop existing retail environments into viable centres through revitalisation.

LPA recently changed from a partnership to a company led by Abey Mamaregane as Managing Director along with Neels Fourie as Director. LP Architects furthermore has developed the skill of understanding the retailer and their business in depth along with attention to the retail customer. All shopping centres are designed and developed with special focus and attention to these primary issues.

LPA has vast experience and fresh ideas within the practice to deliver design excellence within retail environments and other commercial buildings. The directors are complemented by highly skilled individuals with unique design, technical and project management skills. The practice is divided into four production departments, namely, Design, Documentation, Site Supervision and Tenant Co-ordination.

As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown

Norman Foster

Employment Equity Plan

LP Architects has started with an Employment Equity Plan during 2001 and have been registered with CETA (Construction Education Training Authority).

Although LP ARCHITECTS does not have to have an Employment Equity Plan, we adopted this philosophy to show our commitment to build a better future for the company as well as for the country, in breaking down the previous apartheid barriers.

Staff education program

LP Architects provide opportunities to all staff for their educational needs. Several staff HDI members have been sent to school by the company and today they are employed by the company. In some instances, the Company is paying for the education and uniforms for the children of the staff.

Staff incentive schemes

An incentive scheme has always existed in the company. Individuals are being rewarded on an annual basis for their performance during the year. This is not related to their salaries, but rather to an individual effort and performance which the individual is prepared to take on. The directors of LP Architects give guidance on a 3 monthly basis. This 3 monthly growth monitoring process also indicates to the individuals the possible incentives / bonus schemes which can be achieved during the year.


LP Architects recruitment policy aims to achieve 70% previously disadvantaged and 30% white employees ratio. LP ARCHITECTS is also striving to the employ of HDI women in the practice.

Promotions and transfers of skills

LPA are in process of promoting historically disadvantaged individuals within the practice, continue to support black, office students in University and with practical office work exposure. This is done in-line with University of Johannesburg (UJ) and Wits.